是一个在室内设计以及空间规划方面拥有专业能力和丰富经验的设计团队,涵盖商业空间、居住空间、办公空间等... A professional design team with expertise in space planning and interior design. We specialise in project management from the initial concept to the final lick of paint in a wide variety of environments, including residential space, office space, commercial space,and so on. . 设计作品及访谈先后收录于台湾《室内


上海五角场创新创业学院The Penta Institute


The old things can always be kept only in memories withnostalgic feelings when the new age rolls in, but for designers, it's apermanent pursuit to keep them up to date.


Shanghai Penta Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute is a shared working space renovated froman old plant. With its own courtyard, the building itself endured vicissitudesof history, embodying the enterprising spirit of "starting over theimpregnable pass, though it's full of bumps", and embracing the innovativeoffice model with a inclusive posture. The city develops and changes as tides,but buildings should be preserved for their duration, just like the classicalmusic full of precious memory and historical value. 


To combine the client's requirements forfunctions and the shared office features, designers set up offices, conferencerooms, exhibitions, road show, gym, and leisure spaces in different floors witha crossing style, which make the spaces relatively separated but also connectedto each other to meet different usage requirements of various groups.


For the large space treatment, the designers hope to keep itsexisting traces and fabric, including the cracks on terrazzo floors and holeson concrete columns, all these flaws are part of the space, presenting theclash of the new and the old, they form a newborn space by firstly breaking andthen establishing. The plain cement and terrazzo offer an industrial feelingthrough their cold and hard nature, while the wood finish and the wood-woolpanel bring a sense of warm. Proper collocation of several materials neutralizewith each other to form a warm united office of creativity.


  The designers are passionate for hierarchical but concise space feeling,so they divide then combine the space horizontally and vertically. the 2cantilevered platforms and the partial void design on ceiling of the lobby offera rich sense of layering, also enhance the interaction among each area; theincorporation of bar counter and column, together with the subtle cantileversymbolize the creativity of breaking the traditional constraints; the timbergrating on both sides filter the day lighting, which separate the space butalso create the open and transparent atmosphere in it; the originalstaircase walls are all demolished, from closed to open style, the cantileveredstair steps and metal mesh balustrades make it looks more light and graceful.  the peacock blue wraps the whole elevator wallup to top floor and become the highlight of the whole space.


The office area is comprised of blackiron plates, plain cements, terrazzo and white emulsion paint, the lowsaturation create a peaceful feel, several discussion areas appear as cases ofvarious colors inserting in it, which make the space more vivid, the people'sactivity in and the relationship with it become closer and fun, meanwhile, anexperience of indulging is generated, make the discussing more relaxing andconcentrated. A stable space with the sense of belonging can keep peoplelingering, making them think more clearly to get more insights.


   Everything begins and ends. With the themeof "breaking before establishing", the project maintains thebuilding's unique historical flavor at the same time of endowing it new face ofcontemporary art. The design with the sense of age offers not only thedelicacy, but also a familiar heart touch and everlasting exclaiming in motion.


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